H3 Training

H3 has an outstanding track record of providing high speed training safely. H3 is able to customize any event to your mission, experience, equipment and needs. H3 has proudly maintained the highest standards while providing training to more than 2,500 clients around the globe.

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H3 Services

We can provide services in any language or theater of operation. With more than 2400+ trained operators to select from, we are able to provide Tier1 to Tier3 operators as well as basic TCN security operators. Our staff and personnel are an experienced group of professionals & military specialists.
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H3 Team

Dan Erber, CEO H3 LLC
Dan is a former US Marine & tactical team sniper with global experience. Dan is in charge of day-to-day operations for a multi-national training/security corporation, handling contracted operators and leading contract negotiations.
Chris St-Jacques, CEO H3 Canada

What can H3 do for you?

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Our Featured Courses

H3 offers more than 100 courses that can be customized to your needs

Why Choose H3?

Real-world combat and
urban SWAT experience.

Our core management team is comprised of former members of elite operational units from law enforcement, national intelligence agencies and the armed forces. The shared warrior ethos is the hallmark of the H3 team. With more than 2,500 clients served, you can trust H3 to maintain its tradition of excellence with all its contracts.

Our specialities include:

  • Specialized Training for Police & Military Personnel
  • VIP Protection & Convoy Escorts
  • Anti-Piracy & Maritime Protection
  • Risk Analysis & Policy Development
  • Tactical Medicine

Our Featured Services

H3 can provide services in any theater of operation
H3 Services

H3 has a 29 year history of service excellence

H3 is the smart choice for
discrete, motivated professionals

Our staff and personnel are an experienced group of professionals & military specialists in the business of security, protection, intelligence, investigations, and defense trusted worldwide since 1991.
Years of Service
Courses Offered
Agencies Served

H3 Partner: SOG Australia

SOG Australia was formed to assist with the critical need for quality security consulting, investigation, large-scale threat management and protective services.

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Our Commitment to You

We are warriors. We fight where we're told and win where we fight. Without fail, we will not prove unworthy of our brothers in arms. We believe there are no problems — there are only solutions waiting to be implemented. You can count on us to deliver mission success.

Dan Erber

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PO Box 6042
Blue Jay,
CA 92317 USA

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