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H3 offers a large selection of 20 ft MILITARY GRADE, ISO Dry Freight Storage Containers for military and commercial use. Also known as a Conex Box or Milvan, the 20 ft ISO Dry Freight Storage Containers come in several different heights with various door configurations and are available in standard or custom colors with or without Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) paint.

H3’s 20 ft ISO Dry Freight Containers are available for sale. They are ideal for temporary storage or permanent storage. We have a large inventory of New and Used 20 ft Containers and are easily transportable via land, air (C5 and C17 military aircraft) and sea; they can be modified or customized to accommodate virtually any type of cargo.

Our Modified Containers offer features such as windows, doors, insulation, EMI/EMF shielding, shelving and cabinets.

Military Grade containers are manufactured in the USA. We also offer non-Military Grade containers.

Current offerings include:

  1. Military Grade 20’ x 8’6” Refrigerated ISO Container
  2. Military Grade Double Doors One End Standard 20’ X 8’ 6” Dry Freight ISO Cargo Container
  3. Military Grade Double Doors Both Ends Standard 20’ x 8’ 6” Dry Freight ISO Cargo Container
  4. Military Grade 20’ One Full Side Opening Container (International Dangerous Goods, Ammunition, Medical supplies & High Risk Cargo)

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