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H3 can reduce operating costs and increase productivity. This is not just a fanciful claim, but a fact. When our consultants are part of your facility planning team, we can make a contribution that may prove decisive in the long term. Whether mining or pursuing natural resources, you will have unique security requirements. By integrating security measures into the operational plan, you can realize reduced costs and increased protection for personnel, equipment and infrastructure.

Our experience has shown that security expenses are rarely forecast in large scale exploration and/or development projects. The result is often a hastily planned, reactive and costly security program that places an unforeseen strain on existing budgets and investors. By incorporating security activity into your budget early on, you can alleviate concerns about safe product recovery and ensure a return on your investment.

Threats to your facility may not just be security related. Your operations can also be jeopardized by climatic extremes, geological upheavals and medical hazards. Logistic supply problems can threaten production and cause work stoppages. Group H3 personnel are the recognized experts at addressing these issues and developing effective solutions.

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