PSD 1 (Basic)

The Protective Services Operators course is designed for on and off duty personnel who are tasked with protecting Very Important Persons in static and mobile situations. Whether you will be protecting a general in Iraq (in high profile operations) or a candidate's family or visitor to your city or county, the course is geared to assist you in accomplishing your mission.

More and more teams & units are being called upon to provide protection to low and high profile persons.

This course has a good balance of classroom work and hands-on exercises and drills. In addition, you’ll get a full day of live-fire training under conditions that you are likely to face: layered defense attacks, vehicular attacks, shooting from your vehicle, ambushes, and more.

For the final day of training, your team will be protecting a VIP. Your VIP will have a schedule to follow, and you’ll make sure he or she will be safe. You won’t know when or where a autograph seeker, deranged person with a rotten egg or pie or terrorist cell will make a move and try to get close to your principal. This portion of the course will take place in public places (malls, museums, theaters, restaurants, etc.).

In this course you will be taught:

  • Threat assessment
  • Proper dress and protocol
  • Advance detail duties
  • Vehicle operations (formations, motorcade)
  • Protection protocol
  • Communications
  • Range safety

Your Instructors are all PS professionals who have conducted operations in Iraq, Haiti, Afghanistan, Middle East and Europe, as well as here in the United States.

This, like all H3 courses, can be tailor made to best benefit your unit or department. You tell us what would be most beneficial and we will make it happen.

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