Urban Rappel & Climbing

The Urban Rappel & Climbing course is a five-day (40 hour) course designed for law enforcement special operations and military students deploying, movement through and operations in urban environments.

In this course, you will be taught:

  • Equipment selection
  • Care & use of equipment
  • Setting up an urban rappel lane
  • Law Enforcement & Military Special Teams emergency rappelling situations & techniques
  • ‘Wrapping a room’ for rappelling
  • Basic & advanced anchor techniques
  • Locating wall studs to sling for anchor points
  • Building & roof anchor points and rappelling
  • Setting up and tearing down lanes
  • Basic climbing procedures and safety measures
  • Safety & tactics and basic-advanced tactical climbing & rappel scenarios

This course can be tailor made in length and topics covered to fit your department's needs and mission.

Our strength is to tell us what is most beneficial for you and we will make it happen.

Your Instructors are from US and Canadian Military SOCOM & Special Forces.

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