Precision Bolt Rifle

The Precision Bolt Rifle Operators course, is a law enforcement & military shooting event for snipers and those who deploy scoped rifles (Urban Patrol Rifles).

Urban environments, counter terrorism operations and rapid deployment tactics require more flexibility and put snipers in harms way much more frequently than traditional barricaded suspect and hostage scenarios. In this course you will learn precision shooting techniques developed by Marine Corps Snipers from Somalia to Iraq; and SWAT operators in America. All tactics, techniques and instruction will be appropriate for these dynamic and rapidly evolving operations.

More importantly you will learn how to fight and save your own life with a bolt action rifle. This includes CQB type drills such as close quarters shooting, transitions to your handgun, combat loading, tactical reloads, and clearing malfunctions. You will become so familiar with this weapon that you will be able to deploy and manipulate it on muscle memory alone. Finally you will learn how to maintain this weapon and keep it functioning in sub-zero, hot, dry, wet, and dusty environments.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Close Quarter shooting techniques and drills
  • Combat loading / reloading
  • Transition to handgun
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Precision shooting techniques from the US Marine Corps SS School
  • Officer & range safety
  • Full speed drills and exercises (obtuse shooting positions, timed firing, count-down drills, etc.)
  • Sling manipulation techniques
  • Combat shooting techniques

Equipment Requirements

  • Scoped Rifle with sling (this course is designed for bolt action rifles, however the shooting and deployment techniques are equally useful for scoped semi-automatic rifles.)
  • Duty handgun with hip or thigh holster
  • 400 rounds of rifle ammunition (it is recommended that at least 300 rounds of which is match quality.)
  • 50 rounds of handgun ammunition
  • Duty gear (This course gives you an excellent chance to train with all your gear and evaluate how it works. We strongly believe that we should train as we fight and encourage you to utilize your duty web gear.)
  • Rifle cleaning gear
  • Ear and eye protection

Range Requirements for the Host Agency

To get the maximum benefit out of this course, we recommend that the hosting agency have access to 200 yard range for the 2nd and 3rd day. A 100 yard range is sufficient for the 1st day, and can do for all 3 days if that is all that is available.

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