Command Post & Intelligence Operations

Command Post & Intelligence Operations is designed for anyone who is tasked in taking charge of an incident (from a WMD attack to a school shooting/violence in the workplace); whether from the trunk of a patrol car to a mobile command post.

The training includes hands-on scenarios and work stations, understanding the intelligence cycle, basic tactical diagramming, integration of computers and other electronic assistance systems, dealing with the media & press, distributing information, communication with the entry and sniper/perimeter teams and identifying the configuration of the incident command organization.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Basic tactical diagramming
  • Integration of computers & other electronic systems
  • Dealing with the press and media
  • Distribution of information
  • Identifying the configuration of the incident command organization
  • Better understanding the intelligence cycle
  • Communication with the entry and sniper teams

Your Instructors are tactical team leaders from the various large departments throughout the United States.

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