Crisis Negotiations

Crisis Negotiations is a basic introduction of Crisis Negotiations in modern Law Enforcement. The class is designed for members of agencies who are currently working as Crisis Negotiator's including supervisors and tactical administrators. The training is instructed by law enforcement Instructors who are seasoned Crisis Negotiators operators.

The Instructors use an even mix of classroom presentation including debriefing incidents they were personally involved in and role playing.

This course covers: Definition of Crisis Negotiations, the history of CNT and HNT, formation of the modern Crisis Negotiation Team, how Crisis Negotiations are used effectively; from call-out procedure, assessment calls, gathering intelligence, initial contact, negotiation process, to a successful surrender, the types of incidents that require Crisis Negotiators, concepts of "Suicide by Cop" and "The Stockholm Syndrome", the use of Third Party Intermediaries (TPI's) in Crisis Negotiations, Federal Court rulings pertaining to Crisis Negotiations, Active Listening Skills and concepts, incidents involving terrorism, Role Playing (during the scenarios) in common incidents and individuals in today's society.

This training can be modified to best benefit your unit or agency.

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