High Risk Prisoner Transport

The High Risk Prisoner Transport course is designed for those who transport low-to-high risk subjects (in vans, buses, sedans and as groups or individually).

You will be taught surveillance detection, ambush avoidance & counter-ambush procedures, edged weapon attack survival, will-to-survive training, prisoner handling (groups & individuals), control methods, route selection, vehicle preparation, and handcuffing methods & techniques.

This, like all H3 courses, can be tailor-made at an agency’s request and all training will fall within acceptable use-of-force policies. No course shirt for CA STC courses.

Course Objectives

  1. Explain and demonstrate basic knife defense
  2. List 10 of the 12 angles of a knife attack
  3. Discuss the "will to survive"
  4. Explain surveillance detection and ambush avoidance techniques
  5. Explain counter-ambush techniques
  6. Explain and demonstrate prisoner handling and control methods
  7. Demonstrate handcuffing and searching techniques
  8. Explain transport vehicle preparation
  9. Explain the issues involved with transporting large numbers of prisoners

CERT #890 - 037540

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