Man Tracking: Military & Law Enforcement

The Man Tracking: Military & Law Enforcement course is designed to give each individual the skills necessary to become an asset towards locating fleeing suspects as well as missing persons. We cover everything from tracking terminology to tactics involved while on a track line.

This course is extremely fast paced from the start with power points and practical application. You will be taught tracking history, tracking terminology, observation techniques, hand and arm signals, characteristics of human pace, dynamics of a foot print, what sign is and what assets a tracker can utilize. This day will be all classroom with about two hours outside.

Day two we will head out to the training area and start off by doing some observation exercises. This day is the dedicated to getting down into a track and analyzing it in order to draw as much information out of it as possible. You will start to create memory file folders that are essential in becoming a proficient tracker. You will go home this night as well and can expect to be done around 5 pm.

Day three we will set off to the wilderness where we will be until the last day. You will successfully be completing track lines up to 500 meters in length. Your senses will be more in tuned than ever before. Towards the end of the day you will be given a scenario. This is your final exercise. You will have to plan a mission to locate a suspect, organize your team members, and utilize your available assets in order to locate your quarry. Before stepping off you will need to brief your plan.

Following completion of the final exercise which should be no later than1400 on the fourth day, we will rally back at the classroom for debrief and course certs.

Remarks: Going into day 3 you will be staying in the field for one night. H3 will provide a gear list that will be mandatory, as well as items that are recommended.

Instructors are US Marine Corps SOCOM & Snipers

Training can be tailor-made to best benefit your team or unit.

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