Bus Interdiction

The Bus Interdiction course is a one-day (eight hour) course designed for patrol officers, airport police, school police and tactical operators.

Everyday buses run through your jurisdiction. You may be required to board a bus and engage hostilities (intoxicated rider, active shooter, man with a knife or a full hostage situation) in the course of your duties.

Bus interdictions can be one the most difficult linear assaults to conduct. This course will cover the officer safety tactics and techniques that will assist you in a bus incident.

You will be taught bus operations, mechanics, emergency procedures, air systems, and layouts. Then you'll get hours of practical application stopping and blocking a bus, breaching and boarding procedures.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Deployment of patrol units
  • Sniper deployment
  • Immobilizing techniques
  • Approach, breaching & boarding
  • Linear assault methods
  • Subduing combative subjects
  • Passenger safety
  • Evacuation & arrest techniques

This, like all H3 courses, can be tailor made to best benefit your unit or department. You tell us what would be most beneficial and we will make it happen.

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