Hostage Rescue

The Hostage Rescue course was designed for an advanced look at, and practical application of, rescuing victim(s) during a tactical team or terrorist incident.

The training includes: Discussion of hostage situations and tactical solutions, overview of hostage rescue team options, hostage rescue team make up (Sniper, Arrest Rescue/React, Perimeter, Delivery teams, Negotiators, Command post & Entry team), team members (selection), team equipment & tactics.

Also included is an overview of tactics for each Hostage Rescue Element (Sniper, Arrest Rescue, Perimeter, Delivery teams, Negotiators, Command post and Entry team), Entry team (movement techniques/room clearing), Sniper team (hide selection, observation skills), hallway movement, stairway clearing drills and full speed, 360 degree hostage rescue scenarios.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Equipment selection
  • Team training
  • Team tactics & protocols
  • Intelligence gather
  • Sniper support
  • Multipoint entry
  • Criminal hostage takers
  • Terrorist hostage takers
  • Special tools
  • HR operations & Media
  • Real time, 360 degree scenarios

Your Instructors will be from tactical & special forces teams from around the globe.

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