Civil Affairs Operations

H3 is ready, with appropriately trained and equipped military/civilian professionals, to organize, train, equip, and validate Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Soldiers, civilian managers/associates and units for worldwide support to Combatant Commanders and Ambassadors. Also included would be relief organizations, Red Cross and governmental and civilian agencies dedicated to disaster relief and troubled area assistance.

Our team of professionals is educated, highly trained, regionally oriented, properly equipped, motivated, optimally organized and lead by high quality leaders; capable of bridging the gap between existing forces and the civilian sector(s).

The overall goal(s) is to reduce civilian interference with military operations, help restore and maintain public order, safeguard, mobilize and use local resources, facilitate the equitable distribution of humanitarian supplies and services.

Additional goals include: Rapid deployment to conduct both conventional and special operations and become a force multiplier and our reconstruction Teams will constructively engage and support the civil element of the operational environment in order to transfer civil and military tasks to government control.

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