Crisis Management Planning

Every company active domestically or internationally must have both an effective set of contingency plans and a corresponding crisis management capability. These two ingredients are essential to the long term survival and profitability of any major corporation.

The question of whether or not your company will ever have to deal with an emergency can be answered easily; it is only a matter of time. Therefore, the next question must be: are your corporate management, your regional offices and your staff all equally prepared to respond in a timely and effective manner? Without a well thought out plan, your response to a crisis is likely to be fragmented, uncoordinated and motivated by emotional imperatives. A crisis management plan will create a well researched, logical and practical response mechanism to ensure your people, your facilities and your company's reputation is protected.

There are many questions when it comes to contingency planning and crisis management. Similar to an insurance policy, it prepares your company for any disasters it may encounter. Even more like an insurance policy, it can either be money wasted or well spent. When a crisis strikes your firm, it will be too late to find out. Then it will be up to legal teams representing damaged parties, injured employees and government regulators to determine your liabilities.

H3 has more than 20 years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting customized crisis management plans. We can help ensure your shareholders, clients and industry regulators that you are prepared to weather the fiercest storms.

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