Regional Security Analysis

International terrorism, government instability, regional conflict, eco-terrorism, organized crime and a host of other barriers make a successful and profitable business operation fraught with risk.

A H3 Regional Security Analysis can map out these roadblocks and find the safest solution for your company's security problems.

During the planning stages of any project, we recommend that a Regional Security Analysis be conducted. This investigation will determine what human and natural risks may impact on the project and what it will cost to address these issues.

Few businesses know that, in over fifty countries of the world, up to twenty percent of an operating budget can be consumed in security costs. Without proper planning or budgeting in the early stages, these costs can have a dramatic effect on a project's bottom line.

Our analysis can identify these risks and suggest options and costs for responding effectively.

The report will examine:

  • Current government leadership
  • Disposition of political power and control
  • Identification of power brokers
  • Military, police and security force capabilities
  • Threats to international operations and personnel
  • Country security threat assessment
  • Terrorist/criminal group profiles
  • Information on road/rail conditions
  • Condition of harbour and port facilities
  • Number and location of airstrips
  • Provision of medical facilities
  • Communications networks

With this report in hand, companies will stand a far better chance of long term success, safety and productivity.

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