Information Technology & Defense Systems

H3's Technology Division (Information Technology (IT) & Defense Systems) is structured around business areas covering the entire IT market; for private corporations, security elements and operations, governments, law enforcement & military.

They offer simulation and automatic test equipment and defense electronics, complex and critical solutions for C4I, Security Systems, Electronic Intelligence, Avionics including UAV's, encrypted cell phones & communication systems, Multi-Sensor Systems (Radar and Electro-Optic) and Integrated Logistic Support.

With contractual arrangements with several leaders in the marketplace, most notably INDRA Corporation in Spain, Group H3 has the capabilities to offer the client's immediate and long term hi-tech needs. INDRA is the premier Information Technology company in Spain and a leading IT multinational in Europe and Latin America. It is ranked as the second European company in its sector according to stock market capitalization, and it's one of the three Spanish companies with more investment in R&D.

With the needs of our clients consistently moving toward more technology driven security and measures, Group H3 is poised to not only satisfy their needs but position themselves in the national and international market. This will only continue the positive H3 reputation and overall customer satisfaction coming to the "one-stop" company.

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