Protective Security Division

H3 Protective Security Division is a multi-functional, global response division created out two decisive factors: A comprehensive group of professionals & military specialists in the business of security, protection, intelligence, investigations, and defense. The need is great, in today’s current events, for continuous hands-on security & technological countermeasures; in the private sector, law enforcement and military.

By design, this division functions to confront the security challenges faced by governments and private entities. The client’s requirements, mission and needs are understood and appreciated by H3 Security; from securing infrastructures, VIP Protection, anti-piracy, civil affairs operations, surveillance, encrypted communications, gear & equipment, security, law enforcement & military training, consulting, K9 operations and NGOs.

Our offices & representatives are located in Mexico, United States, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Taiwan, Spain, Germany, England, Chile, Argentina, Singapore, Poland, Italy and Kurdistan. The professionals that make up these divisions are ready to respond immediately to virtually anywhere around the globe to accomplish the client’s goals and meet their needs.

Their flexible business model allows complete control of ongoing projects. With the use of high-tech support, operational experience, a high attention to detail to the client’s needs, combined with rigorous quality control, this division ca approach each challenge with a focused analysis of the mission. They provide practical solutions that are economical, effective and timely.

Whatever the client’s immediate requirements may be, the security division can rapidly deploy advance team(s) to secure & stabilize the situation. Once on-scene, they can assess the client’s needs and develop a positive and beneficial strategy, all the while expanding security, securing routes, protecting individuals and infrastructures and establishing roots to ensure success. This can be accomplished in a corporate, military or civilian environment.

While the services offered by the security division are ever changing and adapting to the global needs of the clients, below is a basic list of what this division of H3 can provide:

  • International Peacekeeping Operations
  • 'Civil affairs' operations
  • Protective Services in non-permissive environments (PSD/NPE)
  • Diplomatic Security & support for civilian deployments
  • Counter terrorism & Homeland Security
  • Crowd control & riot training
  • Military & Law Enforcement counter drug operations
  • IS4R – Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Intelligence & Counterintelligence
  • K9 training
  • Bomb & Explosive disposal
  • Counter Insurgency
  • Physiological Operations
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
  • Sniper & Counter sniper operations and training
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Combat Search & Rescue
  • Maritime & Waterborne operations
  • Anti-piracy operations & security
  • Communications & radar operators
  • River/shallow water operations
  • Combat Controller Team(s) CCT
  • Tactical Medics / Emergency medicine
  • International expatriate protection & key facilities protection
  • High security services in conflict zones
  • Prevention & neutralization of explosives
  • International relations: Negotiations and crisis resolution
  • IT Security and communication security
  • Crisis management (local, national and international)
  • Terrorism prevention & homeland security
  • Large event coordination & security (Olympics and Pan American Games)
  • Expatriate personal evacuation
  • Expatriate personal protection
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Force Protection of military facilities and bases
  • Monitoring and secure communication operators
  • Mine clearing / UXO clearing & De mining
  • Convoy protection in high threat areas
  • Security management of public buildings and facilities
  • Oil Industry protection
  • Airport Security
  • All facets of K9 operations & services
  • Support of peacekeeping operations & Diplomatic security missions

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