Narcotics/Terrorism Nexus in Afghanistan

Narcotics/Terrorism Nexus in Afghanistan lecture is designed for all levels of law enforcement and military; from ranking commanders, administrators, Detectives, Intelligence, Narcotics officers, corrections, probation, first responders, patrol and special teams. Students will receive a basic education on Afghanistan, the terrorist organizations involved, narcotics production and how it is affecting the War on Terrorism and our own communities.

It will enable the participants to be better aware of potential targets in their jurisdiction and how the nexus from half way around the world is in our communities.

Topics covered: Brief history of Afghanistan and cultural make up. Narcotics Production areas (Marijuana and Opium). Overview of smuggling routes and methods. Debrief on military raids revealing narcotics. Terrorist / Anti Coalition Militia Forces involved in Narco production, smuggling and sales. Narco criminal organizations involved in smuggling and sales. Financing and weapons dealing. Nexus to Europe and the United States. Discussion on possible remedies for the problem and the officer safety issues involved.

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