WMD Tactical Response

Force Operations for Weapons Mass Destruction Incidents has been created for first responders, supervisors and administrators. The course instructs law enforcement personnel on tech procedures, equipment and tactics needed to safety respond to, and operate in, an environment involving the terrorist use of a weapon or mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapon).

The course covers Force Protection Concept of Operations, the appropriate technique of donning & doffing Level C Personal Protective Equipment, identify the differences between chemical, biological and radiological/nuclear agents, understanding their areas of operation & terrorism response capabilities, determining the location of the Command Post and media relations (if necessary).

Also covered are basic on-scene risk assessment, secondary devises, public & self decontamination, evidence collection, protection of evidence, tactical considerations and officer safety issues in dealing with a small or large scale WMD attack.

This training can be modified to best benefit your unit or agency.

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