PSD 2 (Advanced)

The High Profile Protective Services/Advanced Protective Services course is a continuation of the basic course and designed for persons preparing for a high profile mission(s) or want to further their expertise in the field.

Day 1 will be focus on a review of the instruction from the basic course, and basic information, and continue on with advanced techniques DeTac.

Day 2 will be heavy in precision marksmanship skills. The range time will be primarily working form a concealed holster, with students shooting in static and moving positions; as well as engaging targets while protective formations and from vehicles.

Day 3 will be focus on more in-depth motorcade driving techniques, as well as evasive maneuvering/driving (pending availability of training vehicles). additionally, it will include static immediate action motorcade scenarios, incorporating Simumitions/paint ball (with availability of training weapons/ammunition).

Day 4 students will conduct a field exercise on advance site survey's in to man trams, scouting various locations and routes of travel and conducting liaison visits. It will also consist of a working exercise (in public with actors). this training exercise will be more advanced in nature than the basic course, with multiple problem solving events added.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Equipment selection
  • Team shooting
  • Route survey
  • Intelligence gather
  • Incident protocols
  • Evasive driving
  • Fast fire response
  • Vehicle shooting techniques
  • Defense in static environment
  • Real time, 360 degree scenarios

The training can be tailor-made to best benefit your unit or department. Your Instructors will be law enforcement or military special operators with PSD expertise.

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