Sniper 2 (Advanced)

The Sniper 2 (Advanced) course is 3 days (24+ hours) of intense sniper training for law enforcement, corrections and military personnel.

The course is designed to enhance an already proficient shooter's abilities. The course will also assist in reducing liability and increasing officer safety.

The students will participate in training covering ballistics, unknown distances, steep angles, temperature & altitude variations, the effects of wind and adverse weather.

They will perform live-fire calc-and-placement exercises, exertion & timed firing exercises and team shooting drills.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Unknown distance shooting
  • Multiple shooting positions
  • Low light and night shooting
  • Advanced ballistics
  • Glass shooting
  • Liability reducing live-fire exercises

In addition, they will be taught selecting, occupying and operating from a Final Firing Position (FFP), and cover advanced camouflage techniques, stalking and route selection, urban environments, hides and operations. When the training location permits, we will also incorporate live-fire stalks and shooting from building to building.

This course allows the student to shoot in low-light and nighttime conditions; included are instructions in night-vision theory and cover-of-darkness operations. Finally, you'll receive challenging live-fire exercises in dark and low-light environments.

Your Advanced Sniper Instructors are current military sniper instructors or former military snipers that are sworn law enforcement officers. We draw them from the US Navy SEAL's, US Marine Snipers and US Army snipers.

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