Sniper 3 (Night Operations)

The Sniper 3 (Night Operations) course was designed for all law enforcement and military snipers who wish to better their low-light and night shooting skills, while reducing liability.

50% of all call-outs take place during the hours of darkness. This night shooting course will better enable you to conduct operations in low-light and night conditions. It is a confidence building course as well as one that will add to your experience and data books.

You will run through numerous realistic courses of fire: Exertion firing, timed firing, unknown distance, count-down firing and divers platform shooting.

In this course you will be taught:

  • Maintaining night vision
  • Equipment selection and preparation for night operations
  • Movement techniques
  • Camouflage & concealment
  • Target acquisition on artificially lit targets
  • Night stalking exercise
  • Officer safety issues during night operations
  • Setting up and operations in your final firing position (FFP)

This course, like all H3 Courses, can be altered to best benefit your team or units training needs.

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