Tactical Casualty Management

The Tactical Casualty Management (TCM) course is an intense, one or two-day course which is intended to train law enforcement personnel the basics in trauma management in a tactical environment.

The life saving techniques taught are applicable to regular patrol duties, special teams & SWAT operations. Instructors are from various law enforcement tactical team medics & military special operators.

Day 1 starts in the classroom where the basics in anatomy, casualty assessments and various forms of trauma management are taught. This day is designed to introduce or reinforce medicine in a tactical setting to personnel that are at or below the level of an EMT-basic. Different types of medical equipment, first aid kits and how to properly prepare one are also included. The latest in medical techniques and technology available to first responders are shown throughout the day.

Day 2 takes all of the classroom instruction and put it to realistic scenarios ranging from daily patrol duty to SWAT operations. Scenarios will include single and multiple casualties with simple or multi-system trauma. During the scenarios, the student's performance will be assessed. They will be expected to perform as they would in a real situation. The applications of their treatments to the patient and the management of the tactical situation will be evaluated for the student.

This training can be modified to best benefit your unit or agency.

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