Operational Planning

The Operational Planning course is an instructional training event designed for tactical team leaders, special team members, police administrators and military operators.

The training includes Safety Priorities (Hostages, uninvolved civilians & suspects), Risk Assessment/Critical Incidents, Risk Management for Planned Enforcement Ops, factors that escalate risk, task force situations, avoiding ‘blue-on-blue, Federal participation with state and/or local officers, Stages for Enforcement Ops, Mission Specific Planning (AW Residence, SW Residence, High Risk Vehicle Stops/Vehicle Assaults/Vehicle Rescues/UC rescues), briefing (with Briefback concept, execution, intelligence).

The course also covers Target Locations, Target Assessment, Case Background, Operational Objectives, Suspect Information, UC/CI Information, Signals, Tactical Plan for Op, Containment and Call Out, Breach and delay, Tactical plan team instructions, team evolvement (Surveillance Team(s), Breaching Team, Entry/Extraction team, Arrest Team, Cover Teams and additional teams), Personnel selection & Assignments and Contingency Planning.

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