Tactical Meth Lab Operations

The Tactical Meth Lab Operations course is designed to expose the tactical operator, military personnel or special teams member, to the dangers and officer safety concerns of a clandestine laboratory.

As methamphetamine use and demand increases, law enforcement needs to understand the mind set of the individual(s) they are dealing with; and the dangers and officer safety issues they present.

This course includes information on raid & operations planning, proper application of equipment as well as an understanding of the methamphetamine culture.

The training will tactically prepare the individual and team on how to successfully conduct operations in a methamphetamine lab and its "dead air" environment. Tactical raid applications will be conducted in various scenarios in full level "C" and level "B" protective gear (individuals or teams must provide the protective gear).

It is critical to understand that meth labs, and the people that operate them, offer a vastly different set of challenges to the operation, its planning, equipment and execution.

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